Friday, April 11, 2008

My latest travel must have

So almost as much as a I love to travel, I love to shop for good travel clothes and bags. When I was in Florida last month I found the neatest travel skirt at a shop on Gasparilla Island. The shop didn't have my size so after a little Internet searching I not only found the skirt in my size, but cheaper WITH shipping than in the store.
The skirt is the Royal Robbins Global Traveler Zip N' Travel Skirt. The best part about the skirt is that it is 2 lengths, when you zip of the bottom of the skirt, the bottom converts into the neatest little travel bag. I wore the skirt to work, and my female co-workers and I had fun unzipping the bottom of the skirt and creating the shoulder bag. Royal Robbins has great travel clothes that are easy to pack, wash and wear and can be found here:
I found the skirt at this site:

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