Monday, April 14, 2008

Crazy, Sexy, Cancer DVD

After watching this wonderful DVD again I am buying copies for my loved ones who are currently fighting cancer as well as for those who have fought cancer in the past.
Kris Carr was diagnosed with incurable cancer at 31 and started working on this documentary soon after her diagnosis. Kris explores alternative treatments, meets some amazing women who are also fighting cancer and along the way, falls in love and marries. One of my favorite things about the DVD are the extras including information on meditation, extended talks with doctors, a trip to the "pharmacy" (health food store) with Kris and a demonstration of how to juice.
I read Kris's book last year and have also been a faithful reader of her personal blog. I'm also a member of the social and wellness website Crazy, Sexy, Life.
Kris Carr's blog is here:
Her website with information on the DVD and book are here:
And the Crazy, Sexy, Life website is here:
The tips I am learning from Kris and the "girl posse" are changing my health and well being for the better.

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