Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Gardening Bliss

The weather here in the Chicago area has been beautiful for the past few days. I spent all day Sunday in my garden cleaning out my raised vegetable beds, pots and containers, cleaning all the patio furniture and starting my herbs and vegetables by seed. The home we bought in 2006 was previously owned by a couple who had transformed the front, back and side yards into English gardens. We completely redid the backyard last year by adding a wrought iron fence (for the beagle), had a large deck built, added sod and paved walkways and replanted many of the perennials. The side yard contains 4 raised beds of which 2 are full of established raspberry bushes (the previous owner made her own jam), the remaining beds I have been cultivating vegetables and herbs.
On Sunday I planted:
Green beans
Cherry tomatoes
Beef tomatoes
Chili peppers
Sweet yellow and red peppers
This year I will stagger what I grow and will start more herbs, eggplant, squash, radishes, carrots and possibly potato next month.

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