Friday, April 4, 2008

Ever wonder....

where your little quirks come from? Or if people think you are a little "strange and unusual"?
I've got a few and was wondering where these silly little oddities came from. For example:

* I eat all my left overs cold but never eat left over fish
* Every time I get on an airplane, I kiss my fingers and then the airplane door to give the plane a "kiss" for goodluck
* I like to read the end of a book first so there are no surprises
* I believe in ghosts and know there was one named Bill in my former house
* If I predict something I have to tap my forehead 3 times
* I look for UFOs
* When I was little I wore plastic shoes in the ocean so I didn't have to touch the bottom and thought I was born a mermaid

What are yours? Do you think people love your little oddities or think you're just nuts.
My favorite quirk of my husbands, when someone asks him how many and he says "a couple few".

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