Monday, September 29, 2008

One of the Greatest Home Libraries

Last week I blogged about home libraries and a few days later came across this excellent article on one of the world's greatest personal collections at
The article, Browse the Artifacts of Geek History in Jay Walker's Library takes you on a tour of the founder of Priceline's "priceless" collection. The pictures show an almost unbelievable library built to display a mind numbing array of books, artifacts, models, antiques and maps. Walker owns an original 1493 copy of the Nuremberg Chronicle, a 1535 Coverdale Bible, 20th Century books covered in jewels and thousands of other items in the same room as an original Sputnik satellite, a field tool kit of Civil War surgeons, the original hand from the TV show The Addams Family and a chandelier from the Bond movie Die Another Day!
Check out the article and the amazing pictures. The library is private and has only been viewed by invitation from Walker, in fact the article is the first time a member of the press was allowed access.
Just reading about this man's fantastic collection made me happy that somewhere someone had the means and the thought to collect all those treasures. To me just a glimpse of such a place is a fantasy brought to reality.

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amazing...thanks for the link