Monday, September 22, 2008

Feeling Nostalgic

(Picture is the cast of the classic 80's television series Degrassi Junior High which ran from 1987-1989. Check out the clothes and hairstyles!)

So this is homecoming week at my kid's school, which also happens to be the high school I attended (Class of 1988).
Today is 80's day and because he didn't want to dress up, not cool for guys I guess, I went through my bin of high school crap and found some buttons from homecoming 1984, 1985 and 1986. He liked the 1985 button and is wearing that as his little bit of school spirit.
I have a couple of large plastic boxes, one full of high school memories and one full of college memories. When pawing through the high school box last night I stumbled across a shoe box full of notes from friends passed in classes, ticket stubs, id's, tacky plastic neon jewelry, love letters (so funny!), pictures and anything I thought was worth saving as a teenager. With my 20th reunion in under 2 weeks I might sit down and go through the entire box.
The 80's doesn't really feel like it was that long ago until I saw all the kids walking into the high school today in "costumes" reflecting what we used to wear as teenagers. Side ponytails, big earrings, tight acid wash pants, "Flashdance" style tops, patterned tights, leg warmers, men's jackets with the sleeves rolled up and neon, way too much neon. Geez, when I was a teen the theme days in school were 50's and 60's days and my Mom let me wear her saddle shoes or bell bottoms. times change so quickly.
Check out this hysterical website of everything 80's, the pictures are great!


Anonymous said...

used to wear? um...right...yeah, used to...

Anonymous said...

Only one button? 15 pieces of flair...minimum!