Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Are you Social Networking?

One of the coolest things about social networking are the people I have reconnected with, some after more than 20 years. Since high school and college, there have been friends that have crossed my mind over the years and as the Internet grew, so did the ability to search for them. I never had much success until I got on Facebook and have finally reconnected with former roommates, ex-boyfriends and even childhood playmates.
My favorite part of reconnecting is the sharing of memories especially events I had forgotten until reminded of it by someone who experienced it with me.
I recently connected with a friend from high school, an older guy who I totally crushed on my sophomore year. Funny to think that is how old my kid is now.
Anyway, he reminded me of a memory that has had me laughing ever since, in his words, "Lastly... I was reminded of us drinking Peach Schopps (sp) in my backyard the night before your ACTs. I am glad to know you did well enough to get into college. ;-)"
Thanks Rich, good times back then even if I did have to retake those ACTs.

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Anonymous said...

Hey... not that much older. :-)
It's great to reconnect. Vodka next time? I moved up... and do not have to steal it from friend's parents anymore.