Thursday, September 18, 2008

Home Library

In my deliciously cozy family room I have large built in bookshelves as well as a comfy leather sofa and reading chair in front of the fireplace. The room is small with only light from the french doors that open onto my yard which makes it the perfect place to curl up during cold Chicago winters to read.
In my perfect world I would be a billionaire bibliophile with a castle in England full of my fine rare books and my old favorites. Of course, my favorite room would be my library. (kitchen you do know I don't cook)
While stuck in a rather drab meeting today in a library too close to Wisconsin for my liking I wasted a bit of time searching the web on my ITouch for pictures of more appealing libraries and found some terrific websites on creating your own perfect home library.
The website Library Designs here: has some great pictures of classic home libraries many with the wall of books and rolling ladder.
And check out this great article at Business Week online for a slideshow of home libraries.
Encourage your young reader or inspire yourself to start your own library at this wonderful website which includes a great selection of bookplates you can customize for your collection.

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