Thursday, January 31, 2008

What's in a Name?

So I was reading about that little singer/actress Miley Cyrus who legally changed her name guessed it Miley Cyrus. Apparently her name was Destiny Hope Cyrus (heaven help her) and is now legally Miley Ray Cyrus after her nickname (Miley from Smiley) and Ray (her country singer daddy's middle name). That got me to thinking, if I could change my name would I?
Legally I've had a few names, the one I was born with, then the first husband's last name, then back to my birth name, and now my married name (which I love, very Irish).
But if I could choose a name, would I go the James Bond route (Pussy Galore and Christmas Jones come to mind) or the J.K Rowling Harry Potter route (Poppy Pomfrey and Dedalus Diggle are 2 of my favorites)?
Can you imagine being saddled with one of the more unusual names celebrities have bestowed on their offspring lately? Pilot Inspecktor, Dragon, Indiana, Tiger? Geez....
I love my name and am grateful to my parents with blessing me with such a lyrical, historical and meaningful name, I even like it in it's original Gaelic format Sionainn.
For fun browsing silly names, check out:

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