Sunday, February 3, 2008

Great Place in the Neighborhood

There is an American Legion Hall a few blocks from my home and it's one of the best places to hang out in the area. Don't get me wrong....I live within walking distance of the quaint downtown area of my village which is full of fantastic restaurants, bars, movies and live theater, but the Legion is really a great surprise. Friday nights are "Open Mic" nights and I've seen some fantastic talent there, full orchestras, local bands, Elton John and Billy Joel style entertainers and just truly talented musicians. Besides the great variety of live music, the beers are cold and CHEAP, like $1.50 a beer! And on a hot summer Friday night it's great to be able to walk to the Hall, catch some great music, drink cold tap and walk home. Another great event, various Sundays are "Pancake Breakfast" mornings with hot pancakes and other great buffet items, all served up by Legion members and served with spicy fresh bloody mary's and eaten on wooden tables outside near the park or inside while a full orchestra plays.
Coming home this afternoon I passed the Hall and it looked like the place was in full swing for their Super Bowl party, I might have to stop by for a beer inbetween the other parties I am heading too.

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