Thursday, February 7, 2008

Paper is Not Dead

In the world of books there is the often hotly debated topic of the future of print. With so many newspapers online and many books going straight to electronic readers such as the Kindle, authors, buyers, publishers and readers love to debate on the future of the written word. Just for the record, from someone in the business of books, print is not dead. Readers are deeply attached to their books and always will be. Even I prefer to read certain print electronically, especially international newspapers, blogs, gossip rags and national news. The accessibility and technology of publishing is changing and so is the way we read. I enjoy my light reading in the form of paper or hard cover books but am particulary attached to magazines in their traditional print format. Maybe it's the glossy covers, the artwork style ads or the simplicity of rolling a mag up and tossing it in my bag, whatever it is, I love my magazines. I have weeded out the subscriptions I receive to just those whose monthly issues I prefer to keep. Magazines I file away and refer back to for travel, recipes or just the art and photographs. Here are my subcriptions for 2008:

Budget Travel

Conde Nast Traveler

Cooking Light

Fine Gardening

Travel & Leisure

And those that I buy regularly from the newstand:
OK UK edition

Real Simple

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