Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Tuesday

Super Tuesday is here finally! As soon as I left the house this morning I went directly to my polling place and voted. I LOVE to vote. I love the entire process, giving the judge your name, signing your voter card etc. I'll admit with the new electronic voting booths, it's not nearly as fun as voting in the 80's or 90's when you got to step inside the little booth with the curtain. But I still get a rush by the simple fact that I CAN vote and I take every opportunity to do so. With the choice of voting with a paper ballot or electronically I chose the touch screen and it's nice to see you still get a paper ballot to check your selections. If you are not registered to vote, I am a Deputy Voter Registrar (since I am a librarian) so contact me and if I can't register you, I'll find someone who can.
Tonight I will be at my friend Jessica's house, who should be working on someone's campaign (she knows everything about politics) to watch the results roll in. It's run to share in the election excitement with someone who is passionate about politics.
In my opinion, if you don't vote, I won't discuss the state of our country with you, not taxes, not the War, health care, nada. I don't care what party you're in just exercise your right to vote and thank your country men and women that you have the opportunity.
P.S. I love the sticker you get after you vote!

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