Saturday, January 12, 2008

Save the.........

So I was watching this episode of Heroes and one of the characters had to go on the run from the mob. She had a chance to go home, tell her kid to pack what he needed and they were going on a little "vacation". This got me to thinking....if I had 1 chance to pack before I disappeared to cheap hotels and diner food....what would I take with me? Oh and it all needs to fit in my convertible, but not in the trunk because that is where the bodies are. (Watch season 1, episode 2). Would you pack for practicality or sentimentally?

Here is what I would throw in the duffle bag:
1. Photographs, my favorites, 1 from my nightstand and my son's baby book
2. My laptop because it's the source of everything
3. The good jewelry
4. Clean underwear, cotton socks, comfy t-shirts, leather coat and my favorite pair of jeans
5. The makeup/toiletries bag, it's hard to try and replace a favorite lipstick

Plenty of room left for the kid (his bag full of Xbox 360 games)and the dog.

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