Monday, February 20, 2012

Vintage DeLIGHT

Since I started remodeling my 1950's era home I have added some wonderful vintage pieces to my house. Thanks to my parents who are antique mall, Ebay and resale shoppers I have a collection of glassware and china, including George Briard and Edwin Knowles Weather Vane. I've also purchased some great mid century furniture pieces including a fantastic table that folds up flat against a wall.

During my frequent shopping trips I've found some odd pieces that now have a place in my home. This fantastic blue chandelier I found in a shop window for $60. My parents call it the "Big Ugly" but I love it and it's a great conversation piece.

I recently found this little treasure, a gold and crystal cherub chandelier in an antique mall and it's now hanging
above my bed. We are calling it, "Baby Big Ugly". The light is very dim, like the glow from candles and I'm crazy about it. I painted the wall behind it a bright blue to highlight my growing collection of dress forms and vintage hats. My most recent purchase, an early 20th century gorgeous but very fragile hat of feathers was bought for the 1920's era Great Gatsby party Paul and I are having this summer, you can see it in the photo below on one of my dress forms.

And finally for less than I usually pay for light bulbs I found this mid century lamp that is now in my living room. Odd right, but so unique. I mean why have something everyone else has? Traditional I am not. Boring, why bother.

Later this week I will blog about some of my favorite vintage sources online. I will also add them to the Vintage page.

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Ms. Yingling said...

Ooooh. Very nice. My best lamp is a Snoopy Phone Lamp. We call it the "phlamp". I painted my kitchen avodcao green to reflect a scrap of wallpaper found behind a cabinet. I bet your house is fascinating!