Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love Love.

Many call this a "Hallmark Holiday". Yes it's rather silly to mark 1 day a year to celebrate love when we should remember to celebrate the love in our lives every day. For me its the little reminders of people, places and things that I love.

I presented to a group this morning on Creating Videos for Your Business and one of the attendees gave me a heart shaped chocolate lollipop. Love it.

When I turned on the new vintage chandelier in my bedroom this morning, the newly painted walls shined. Home Love.

I enjoyed a delicious lunch with my son today. My 3 year old niece mailed me a handmade Valentine. My Mom texted me a picture of the flowers she got from my Dad. Family Love.

A surprise gift was waiting for me at work. Happy Love.

Tonight an evening out with my Love where we first met. Love.

So no matter what you do today...buy flowers at the grocery, make handmade Valentines, create a delicious meal for someone special, or even ignore the commercial aspect of the day...I hope you spend time surrounded by people or things you love or creating the love you want.

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