Thursday, February 16, 2012

Stories are Everywhere

I'm at work. It's about 8:30 pm and as I'm sitting at the reference desk I can see and hear the library bustling around me.

A few feet away from me in an aisle between the books on trains and the oversize travel books a mother and her son are reading together. The mother has placed her coat on the floor like a blanket and is laying on her side. Her son is curled up against her as she turns the pages. I can hear them as the mother points to pictures and her son reacts with "ohs" and "ahs". There is a large pile of books at their side and the boy is holding a large zip loc bag full of toy train tracks.

As the mother murmurs to him and describes the places and cultures in the pictures he asks her question after question. She quietly answers him and creates story after story. The Library will close at 10 pm and I think they might be here until then, curled up on the floor, completely at home in the Library and with the stories they are creating.

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