Wednesday, October 29, 2008

When Authors Go Awry

Ever wonder what to read when a favorite author takes an about turn and starts writing completely different or writing in a new genre altogether?
This has happened to 2 of my favorite authors.
First the Queen of all things dark and disturbing, the Gothic Anne Rice finds her lapsed Catholic religion and leaves witches and vampires behind to find Jesus Christ.
Then Nora Roberts, she of the light hearted romance and Celtic fantasies takes the plunge into vampires and demons.
In regards to Rice, I am definitely mourning the end of an era. In the 90's when Anne was churning out Gothic fantasies I was eagerly anticipating each new book. I made numerous trips to New Orleans looking for her dark world and loved the spooky quality of her writing and the strange lifestyle she lived (a haunted mansion in the Garden District and arriving at book events in a coffin, BRILLIANT!).
Nora Roberts Irish Trilogy is one of my all time favorite series. During a trip to Ireland in 2006 I dragged my husband to a small coastal village she based the books in and happily visited sites she wrote about. Sadly I've tried to read her later works and find them ridiculous and happily return to re-reading my favorites.

So what do you do when an author goes awry? Find a new author?
The crazy popular Twilight vampire series by Stephenie Meyer is a possibility, I've started that but just can't figure out WHY this series is such a phenomenon. See my post on Buying the Hype below.
I've replaced Roberts with other artists who do the contemporary and historical romance or series writing as good or better than Roberts.
But I still mourn these 2 authors and find consolation in their earlier works. I'll keep my loved dogeared copies and keep reading my favorites over and over.

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