Thursday, October 9, 2008

Got Snacks?

During tours of libraries I am always amazed by the students, patrons and childen who see the library as a comfort zone, a place to wear your comfiest clothes, drag your backback or bookbag and even pack a lunch or snack. This to me is a great feature of a library, a home away from home where people feel comfortable. Some libraries have a no eating or drinking rule which I think is ridiculous. If you are going to spend hours in a library, having a snack and certainly something to drink is a must. That's why I love the libraries that open cafes within their walls. Nourishing the brain while nourishing the stomach keeps patrons happy.
As I write this I am happily nibbling on one of my favorite snacks...goldfish crackers! I don't really gobble them up, I pop one in my mouth at a time and suck on them, I love the salt. My favorite are the Parmesan goldfish but right now I am on a whole grain goldfish kick, so yummy. And a little snack size bag fits perfectly in my book bag. Plus the little smiley face on each fish makes my smile.
What is your favorite snack?

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