Thursday, October 23, 2008

Buying the Hype?

So I'm reading Twilight, the insanely popular teen vampire novel by Stephenie Meyer. I'm trying to finish the book before the movie comes out on November 21, but so far I'm just not getting the hype.
I'm a big fan of vampire novels but during my "gothic romance phase" the novels of Anne Rice were all the rage. Frankly, once you've read Rice I'm not seeing the hype of Meyer's writing. I'm going to keep reading as a few people have told me that I'll get used to her juvenile writing style and really start to get into the characters. So I have faith. I'm missing the lyric beauty of Rice's writing and the immersion in the horror fantasy she created in her Interview with the Vampire books as well as the Mayfair Witches. I'm going to keep turning the pages of Twilight and try to stop comparing the writing and just get into the story.
Wish me luck...

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