Monday, October 20, 2008

Whatchya Reading?

Went to Michigan this weekend to relax and enjoy the beautiful Fall weather. Saturday we went apple picking and Sunday my son and I spent the afternoon at an art barn happily creating gifts for my new niece.
Whenever I pack for a trip I always take a stack of magazines. I prefer to take back issues from the library, a small way to be green, I hate buying and reading a magazine only to throw it away. I have favorites, some trashy tabloids that are completely mindless and some healthier options. This weekend I happily flipped through issues of Body+Soul, Real Simple and Cooking Light. To me magazines are the perfect mix of good writing and excellent photography.
Support your local library by checking out back issues of their magazines and save a forest by not renewing your magazine subscriptions.


rich said...

I worked at a library that had a magazine exchange rack where anyone can come in and leave a magazine they were done with and take a magazine brought by another patron. No circ involved. I thought it was a great idea to extend the use of magazines.

Shannon Distel Scanlan said...

Excellent idea, we do something similar with paperbacks. I'll look into a magazine exchange, thanks for the tip!