Friday, March 21, 2008

Oil and Water

So from the airport last night I headed to the grand opening of John Barleycorn(the popular bar from the Lincoln Park area of Chicago)in Schaumburg to attend a private party. The bar is HUGE, 2 levels with a restaurant and bar downstairs and a large room with 3 bars for dancing and concerts upstairs. The private party was for employees of the Village of Schaumburg and their families (my friend works for the Village)and was open bar with a full buffet. Everything was going smoothly until 9 when...the country western band started to play. At this point, the doors of Hell opened. I'm not a fan of Schaumburg Illinois, the only time I descend into the madness of this area is to shop or eat. The traffic is terrible, everywhere is crowded and the 20 somethings who populate the clubs and bars are just the sort of people who make me rethink why I live in the suburbs. The lead singer of the band, I swear I think his name was Chase Western, I sh*t you not, was actually wearing a Daughtry concert t-shirt. At this point it was time to go and unfortunately to another Schaumburg bar that smelled like a toilet. When the hostess asked if we wanted a menu, I laughed.
Maybe I'm getting old or just miss living in the city, but the mix of Schaumburg and country music was oil and water to my evening out.
Renee Zellweger's character had it right in Jerry McGuire when she said, "All of them ran a distant second to a good book and a warm bath."

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