Monday, March 24, 2008

Like Steve McQueen all we need's a fast machine

I just finished a terrific book for the 2nd time.
Steve McQueen: The Last Mile by Barbara McQueen & Marshall Terrill is a beautiful memoir of the last years of Steve's life written 25 years after his death. The coffee table book is a collection of hundreds of private photographs taken during the couples 3 year relationship from the time of their first meeting in 1977 until his death in 1980. The story of their courtship and relationship is fascinating, she was a world class model almost 25 years younger than him and he was the legendary actor who liked Old Milwaukee beer, motorcycles and fast cars. But it's the personal photographs taken almost from their first date until he became gravely ill with cancer that make this book a glimpse into a fairytale relationship of true love gone too soon. It's also a beautiful tribute to the ultimate "Mans Man", an iconic figure who has inspired a generation of men since his death.

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