Thursday, March 20, 2008

Matumbo Goldberg Debuts!

Miller and Rob's film debuts today on Will Ferrell's website Funny or Die. Here is a brief description of the short film that Rob wrote and directed:
MATUMBO GOLDBERG, which stars Anthony Anderson (The Departed, Transformers and soon, Law & Order), is about a trendy,none-too-bright couple who adopt an African baby, only to find their new son is a bit older than a toddler.
Also starring is J. Robin Miller (Andy Barker P.I., General Hospital) and Rob Pearlstein, who also wrote and directed. Rob's film "Our Time Is Up" was nominated for an Oscar in 2006 for Best Live Action Short Film.

On my most recent trip to LA while staying at Rob and Miller's home I had the pleasure of reading the script a few weeks before filming and am excited to see the finished film. It is absolutely hysterical and after viewing you can vote FUNNY, the more votes, the more people who will see the film.
FYI it is not appropriate for viewing at work unless listening with earphones.

Here is a direct link to the film at:

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