Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Back to Reality

I'm home and back to the grind. After almost a week of R&R where I completely stepped away from good sense and good eating (beer with lunch and dinner, ice cream every night, oh my....), I am working on getting back to a healthy routine.
The 2 books that I am turning too are say-it-like-it-is advice on eating right. The first one which is 2 books in one is: Skinny Bitch and Skinny Bitch in the Kitchen by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin. These girls tell it like it is in truck driver language without sugar coating it. Coffee is poison, diet soda is the devil and if you have a "fat ass" you worked hard to get it. A funny, funny read, different from most diet books and full of simple and smart advice.

The 2nd book is an illustrated guide to eating titled: Eat This Not That by David Zinczenko. This book is loaded with photographs of foods you should eat and those you should avoid. My favorite chapters are: 8 Foods to Eat Everyday, At the Supermarket and What to Eat at Your Favorite Restaurant. This book is worth a look just to see the photographs of the more popular foods we consume and the data on just what we are putting in our bodies.
One question Skinny Bitch addresses is "Do you consider yourself a positive, smart and successful person? Is it hypocrisy then if you feed your body poison and are unhealthy and over weight?"
One life=one body.

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