Tuesday, April 7, 2009

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Well after a busy week, 3 days at Synergy (The Illinois Library Leadership seminar), working my weekend shift at the library and trying to catch up with family and friends, it's back to the blog. Funny thing is when I met people at Synergy a few of them said, "Oh are you the librarian with the blog?". "Yup", I'd say, "I'm the Lively Librarian". Nice to know you are reading my blog!
So today is Election Day and there are many highly contested races and referendums on the ballots. In my hometown not only is the Mayor seeking re-election but there are a number of openings for Village Trustees, Library Trustees, Park District Commissioners and High School Board Members. Obviously the candidates who are elected to fill these positions will directly affect my life, my husband's life and most importantly the life of my teenage son. (Even my dog, 1 guy is running because he wants a dog park which my city DEFINITELY needs!)
I will not be listing my endorsements of candidates on my blog, not even who I support for Library Trustee. This just isn't the place, if I want to talk politics I do it face to face. I will however tell you that all elections are important so please get out and vote today. If you live in Cook County you can view your ballot and read about the candidates at http://www.cookctyclerk.com/

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