Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Love Me, Love My Books?

After reading an interesting article online "Have You Ever Fallen For Someone's...Bookcase?" it got me to thinking...
If you love me do you love my books?
I've written lately about my personal book collection and while some of my books are rare and unusual others are definitely "chick lit". Sure I also have shelves full of travel books, history and biographies but very little popular fiction, no mysteries and only a few dogeared classics. I do have a few trashy books about Hollywood scandals(including pictures)and celebrity deaths and a few left over law school text books but really nothing too impressive. It makes me wonder what impression my book collection would give to someone who didn't know me. I think in my case I'm lucky my husband puts up with the stacks of library books that I bring home every week, they definitely reflect who I am and what I'm interested in at the time (kitchen remodeling, healthy cooking, chess etc).
I'd have to say if you love me, you love my passion for reading and knowledge not my ever changing book collection.
What about you? Do you peek at someones bookcase the way some people peek at anothers medicine cabinet? Would the books they collect change your opinion of them? Could you fall in love with them because of what they like to read?

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