Friday, April 24, 2009

Secret World of Haute Couture

So after working in my garden last night for a few hours I headed inside as it started to rain and channel surfed while sipping a pina colada my husband made me. I came across a documentary on PBS that had me riveted. Secret World of Haute Couture is a behind the scenes look at the design houses of legend like Chanel, Dior and Christian Lacroix. Filmmaker Margy Kinmonth takes the viewer from Los Angeles and New York to Paris to interview legendary designers as well as the wealthy clients who purchase couture. The women of this exclusive shopping "club" are fascinating if a bit frightening, women with names like Bloomingdale (yes the store) and Guinness (yes the beer) who don't hesitate to drop a hundred thousand dollars on a dress. These women collect couture like others collect art and have little patience for celebrities who appear in the front row just to be seen. This little seen world was absolutely fascinating and while I don't aspire to collect couture I appreciate the glimpse into the land where Coco Chanel and Wallis Simpson played.
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