Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My Little Reality TV Addiction

I am not a television addict, I don't watch a single sitcom or drama but do like to veg out late at night to anything on HGTV (House Hunters and House Hunters International are my favorites).
Lately I have become completely addicted to the most bizarre shows, and REALITY programs at that. I really blame it on the hundreds of channels we have now on the new flatscreen in the remodeled basement. Tori and Dean Home Sweet Hollywood is fascinating to me and I have actually started DVRing every episode. Tori Spelling might be the oddest fish in the LA pond and that is staying something, it's like watching a living cartoon character with a bad boob job and an annoying voice, but there is something absolutely endearing about her marriage to hotty Dean and watching them parent their son Liam and multiple dogs all while she is pregnant with their daughter. Frankly I think it's a riot to watch them and have added them to my fictional list of "If you could invite anyone to dinner..."
To check out their show click here:
On a trip to LA a couple of years ago I got hooked on late night episodes of The Girls Next Door, I just love those ditzy Playboy bunny girlfriends of Hugh Hefner (Bridget is my fav). Check out their site here:
This is one show my husband will pause to watch every time he walks by the tv and he watches ZERO television.

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