Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Dairy Breakfast Anyone?

So on Sunday morning we went to a dairy breakfast on a working farm in Door County. Hundreds of people were there to eat scrambled eggs with ham and pancakes with maple syrup and cherries under large tents set up on the grounds of the farm. We were greated by a milk fed midwestern lass complete with tiara who apparently was Ms. Door County and then filled our plates with hot food being prepared in the largest skillets I have ever seen (see picture).
There must have been dozens and dozens of volunteers, mostly Boy Scouts and others from local organizations because as soon as you emptied your plate someone brought by a plate of hot pancakes or steaming scrambled eggs. After we ate and drank excellent cherry juice and cider the barns were open to view the dairy cows, pigs, ipacas, small ponies and baby cows. I have never seen a dairy cow up close and they are absolutely the largest animals I have ever seen outside of elephants in the zoo. HUGE! I pet my first pig, very bristly and smelled that "dairyair" and all in all had a great morning. Picture below is of the cow "entertainment" in the barn.

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