Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Favorite Reference Question

When I am working at the reference desk I hear all sorts of questions. When I explain my job to people I usually tell them that librarians are a lot like bartenders, they hear lots of stories, get asked to solve lots of problems and often give tons of free advice.
Today's first question of the day was the perfect example:
Patron:"Hi, I read this book...I don't remember the title and I don't remember the author... but it was about these explorers in America"
Shannon:"Was the book about Lewis and Clark"
Patron: "No it was about explorations from Florida to the coast"
Shannon:"Ah huh..."
Patron:"Can you tell me where in the stacks I can look for the book, maybe a number where I can find it"
Shannon:"Umm sure, why don't you start in the 900's, you can find books on America, Explorers, Geography, Discoveries etc"
Patron:"Great, thanks..."

A minute later he had found a book on display and never made it to the stacks. Oh well.

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