Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Got Bags?

With the outrageous cost of checking bags on flights these days, the art of light packing is more valuable than ever. On a wandering trip through England, Wales and Ireland back in 1997 I spent weeks living out of a hiking size backpack. It's really amazing how much you DON'T need. I learned how easy it is too wash a few items in a hotel (or hostel in my case) sink when you really need clean socks! I haven't done the hostel/backpacking method of travel since I was in my 20's but my light packing has gotten even better with each trip.
For a great video on packing light for weeks of travel check out this video:

Or visit their website at Packing Light:
My bags for Ireland are packed and I got 2 adults and a teenager in 1 checked and 1 carryon bag.
Happy packing, happy trip!

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