Thursday, July 10, 2008

"Mom Look What I Made!"

While in Door County we went to a wonderful art studio where you can create just about anything you can imagine. Located on a rural farm there are multiple studios you can explore including painting, mosaics, metals, glass and pottery. The first day we were there I created a mosaic bone with hooks to hang near my back door for the dog's leash and collar. The next day we were there I created a gift for my sister's baby shower which I am hosting in 10 days. We spent about 3 hours each day at the studio and after you complete your art the works are glazed and fired over night to be ready the following afternoon. There are farm animals wandering about, a place to purchase lunch and other activities for both adults and children.
I had such a great time finding my inner pre-schooler and am quite proud of my art.
For more information check out the Studio's website here:

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