Wednesday, October 3, 2012

How Do You Lunch?

A recent post, The Art of Lunch: Paris vs. London on one of my favorite blogs, HiP Paris Blog explores the differences between lunch culture in Paris and London. While those are 2 of my favorite cities, it could translate to other metropolis areas around the world. During the years I worked in downtown Chicago, lunch was a quick networking or business meeting at local restaurants near my office or food was grabbed on the go from the market in my building. If it was a warm day lunch was a cup of coffee while I shopped at my favorite stores on Michigan Avenue. It wasn't until I moved outside the City and  my commute went from 1 hour to less than 5 minutes and freed up more time in the office that I started to enjoy the art of lunch...catching up with friends over lunch at new or favorite restaurants, enjoying a picnic on my patio with my dog, and long coffee breaks at Starbucks. So what is your lunch "culture"?

Enjoy the article and the suggestions for where to lunch when you are in London.

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