Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday List #26-Fall in Chicago

Here are a few things keeping me busy this Fall.
  1. After repeated attempts to visit the new rooftop bar on the top of the iconic Hotel Lincoln, Paul and I were finally able to enjoy drinks with spectacular views of the City and Lake Michigan on Saturday night. The bar was originally scheduled to be open in the summer but each time we visited the opening was delayed. It was worth the wait.(You can see the famous skyscraper, the John Hancock Building lit up orange for Halloween in the picture behind us.)
  2. Fish Frys and Trivia Nights. There is a local bar near the Library where I work that hosts trivia nights every Thursday and fish frys every Friday. If you don't have a local bar that does the same, visit Eddie's, you will find me and my Library cronies there often.
  3. Twitter. I've been on Twitter for a couple of years now, but lately it's my go-to outlet for conversation, news, travel and gossip. It's addicting. You can find me on twitter @LivelyLibrarian
  4. Football. It's football season and this year we're spending alot of time at games (Indiana University games to cheer on #59) and watching at home with a beer and tonight, chili for Monday Night Football, Chicago Bears v. Detroit Lions.
  5. Travel Planning. Airfares are RIDICULOUS right now but we have upcoming trips planned to Florida for Thanksgiving and Christmas. In 2013 we are already planning trips to Savannah and Charleston, and a trip to France with a stop over in London and Paris. Lately the travel websites have been crap but I am finding great travel tips and info on Twitter.

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