Friday, September 28, 2012

Vintage Librarian

My recent weekend in Michigan with Paul and my folks was incredibly relaxing but also very productive. We explored local antique malls and I purchased some fantastic vintage items for my store.

I have a growing collection of vintage luggage and purses, a few are for sale at Lively Vintage, and a few are being used in my home as creative storage pieces for scarves and gloves. The picture below is of a fantastic suitcase I bought for only $16, it's cowhide and in amazing condition.

Over the past year I've stumbled upon some clever pots in the shape of animals. I've purchased them for a few dollars each and use them in my kitchen to grow herbs. I think they are charming and as I find more I will add them to my store. Below is a poodle planted with oregano, an owl my Dad bought me which is full of parsley and a giraffe full of basil. Definitely more interesting than round pots.
 I am having so much fun with my vintage store that I will be creating a new website for Lively Vintage. My friend Heather who I've known since high school is an amazingly talented graphic designer and she is working on a new logo for my Lively Librarian website and incorporating that into a new logo/brand for Lively Vintage. Once the logos are done I will be moving my Lively Librarian blog to it's new home at and my store will have a new home at

For those who love fashion and vintage, the September Fall Fashion issue of Vogue is full of ads from Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and others and are definitely vintage inspired. Check it out at your local library.

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