Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What a week

Had a long week, worked Tuesday through Sunday and heard some terribly tragic news concerning a friend on Sunday afternoon.
Ironically another friend sent me one of those answer-25-question notes and one of the questions was "Who do you miss?".
That was an easy one for me. On a daily basis I miss my grandparents. Having their presence in my life, knowing they were going about their routine at their comfy cozy home in a small town in Florida...knowing that they were breathing and living and laughing and I could hear their familiar voices if I picked up the phone.
I also miss my sister in law Sharon. We were busy planning my wedding, she was to be my Maid of Honor, until her unexpected passing due to complications of ovarian cancer just 4 months before my wedding. I miss her jubilant spirit and her breathtaking smile. I miss her unconditional friendship and the bond we had as women married to brothers.
And I miss a former lover. Knowing that he is alive and well, raising a family of his own gives me comfort, even if I still find sorrow in the fact that he made a life and I'm not a part of it. But that is love, letting go...
So as my friend mourns, so do all of us who are witness to a senseless tragedy where those that we are not ready to lose are lost.
I'm thinking of all of you and wishing I could alter time.

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