Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Great Magazine and Website-Lucky

So I'm a wee bit fashion obsessed. Not go-into-debt-have-to-buy-that-new-Fendi-bag obsessed but a healthy I-like-a-challenge-to-find-it-on-sale obsessed.
I'll admit I have too many bags and coats (my addictions) but I pride myself on being a smart shopper. I teach an online shopping class at the library and with the magic of the Internet rarely pay full price (except that Louis Vuitton purse I bought in Europe, but it's an investment bag!) and enjoy showing the patrons how to save a buck.
One of my favorite magazines and one of only 2 I still subscribe too (besides Vanity Fair) is Lucky. This fun magazine includes a pull out sheet with little flag stickers that say maybe or yes that you can use to tag the items you want to buy. Stocked full of style tips, great bargains and profiles it's a great mag for the fashion lover. The Lucky website is equally fun to browse through with even more features than the magazine.
Check out the website here:

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