Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Showing My Years

Took my kid back to school shopping this morning at the huge mall in my area. They should just hand out clothes and school supplies at my bank it would say me the time and gas.
My son will be a sophomore in 1 week and is already almost 6'2 and growing non stop. So paying $60 for jeans with holes and stains really sucked. Thank god I don't have a girl who wants jeans with names like "Boyfriend Jeans" and "Low Rise". My response to that request would be:
"Get yourself a boyfriend, steal his jeans, cut off the waist and there ya go"
It was much easier when I was in high school, I actually did steal my boyfriends favorite holey stained jeans and wore them until they became rags.

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Anonymous said...

I'll buy syd the hottest burka she can find...that's the cool dad i am.