Monday, August 4, 2008

Goodbye to Ireland, Hello to Reality

My home away from home, Adare Manor, County Limerick, Ireland
After saying a sad goodbye to one of my favorite travel destinations, it was a harsh reality to get back into the routine of work, grocery shopping, laundry and everything that comes with real life. In a small way it was also comforting to be back to the grind. After sleeping in 4 different beds in 1 week (Ireland, Home, Cottage in Michigan, Family beach house) which was not unlike a boisterous week during my years in college... I am still happy to be back to the familiarity of my life.
Honestly I really enjoyed stepping away from all communication. I didn't miss the instant contact of email and cell phones and definitely didn't miss turning on my computer or television to crappy sensationalist news or pictures of Brad and Angelina's twins (seriously does ANYONE care? Is this really important!)
Now if I can just figure out how to support myself in a little seaside Irish cottage...with Internet access of course for those slow rainy afternoons.

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