Thursday, August 7, 2008

Pet Nicknames

So I have a beagle, rescued from a shelter when she was 8 weeks old. I thought I was bringing Snoopy home, I got something quite different. We named her Eloise after my favorite children's book, Eloise at the Plaza, and she has definitely lived up to the spirit of her name, precocious, nosey, always in trouble, sly, silly, lovable and pretty. She even has her own website at:
Eloise is a spirited rabbit/squirrel/chipmunk chaser who enjoys food, walks, food, naps, food, belly scratches, food, surveying her yard, food, sleeping in our beds and her family.
She also has a lot of nicknames which include:
Moo Moo Cow (she has spots)
Moobee Skoobie
Beagle Dog
Lazy Poopy Dog
El Bell
Weezy Poo
Meemee Moomee

Funny, but she responds to them all, especially when we have food.
Do you have nicknames for your pets?

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