Monday, May 12, 2008

Must Read Book- A Dose of Rock 'n' Roll

I had the privilege of receiving an early and signed copy of the book A Dose of Rock 'n' Roll by Nancy Lee Andrews and edited by Marshall Terrill. The book is coffee table size and "wrapped" in its own hard cover box, it presents like the gift that it is. The author Andrews is a former model and fiancee of Beatle Ringo Starr with whom she spent most of the 1970's and her memories of the era and the Rock and Roll luminaries she knew are captured and preserved lovingly in her book. Each photograph is displayed like a portrait and as Nancy writes, span 10 of the most thrilling years of her life as well as an unforgettable era in music.
When I began reading the book, I found myself stopping at certain photographs, such as a haunting one of Eric Clapton walking away from Stonehenge (picture taken by Carl Radle, the author's first love and a musician and fellow photographer). With each photograph, I wanted to learn more about the person captured in the image, figures like Leon Russell, George Harrison, Bernie Taupin, Donovan and the "Ladies of Rock Roll" such as Jenny Anderson and Kiki Dee. It was a difficult book to put down not only because every time I did someone in my house disappeared with it but because the photographs are so stunning and personal. The author captured those around her in poignant but also silly and deeply personal moments in their lives.
Another one of my favorites, Ringo Starr snuggled in bed with his three small children. That picture sums up what the author captured as a photographer and as a storyteller.

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