Thursday, December 20, 2007


MSNBC is in the same bed as CNN, news with a dash of sensationalism thrown in. I'm a news junky, I admit it. I have my local news delivered the old fashioned way ( it arrives on my doorstep every morning at 5 am)but I enjoy the London news online each morning. It's when I'm looking for the latest national news I click to MSNBC. It's the contributing writers I enjoy, they write it like it is, opinions, bias, no holds barred. Classic examples from the entertainment news this week, this article on Nicole Kidman's frozen face had me laughing out loud. And frankly, I couldn't agree more about her Barbie doll complexion.
Another great article, this writers love affair with Daniel Day Lewis, he hits the nail on the head about the greatest actor of my generation and why he is the only actor I will pay full ticket price to see in a theater (with the exception of my Harry Potter movie obsession).

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