Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Musical Variety

In a few days I am flying to Las Vegas for the Saturday night Spice Girls concert. Most reactions to my trip are incredulous, "Spice Girls...are you serious?" Yup, and why not, it will be fun! I have never been to Las Vegas and what better reason to go to the City of Excess than to see the most outrageous, kitchy, giggly, excessive show of the year?
Going to a live show is a great escape for me and during the past year or so I've seen a wide variety of concerts and have enjoyed all of them.
Here is a list of some of the musicians I have seen recently:
Gypsy Kings (Amazing, all those guitars!)
Indigo Girls
Snow Patrol (Great show at the Riviera)

Rick Springfield (Seriously the hardest working musician I have seen on tour)
The Smithereens (The show was free thankfully)
The Jeff Buckley Tribute Concert featuring:
Dorothy Scott
Ryan Groff
Spencer Michaud
April Smith
Alpha Rev
Anna D'Aloisio
Catherine Harrison
Old Dog Music

I've also seen some great musicians at area bars, festivals and open mic nights. While in Italy we bought a CD from a street group named the Last of the Mohican's who have a Latin, Native American and Celtic influenced sound and we play the CD constantly at home.
Like art, sometimes the most fascinating artists are the ones creating on the street, at the Legion Hall, in a park or in their parent's basement. However this weekend I am going to thoroughly enjoy the big budget synthesizer over dubbed sound of Spice and hopefully many cocktails pool side at the Venetian.

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