Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Fly the Friendly Sky

My flight on Friday was full of Brits going to the Mayweather Hatton fight in Las Vegas.
Before we had been in the air an hour the plane had been emptied of beer.

Overheard while sitting in Premium Class:

"On the piss" (Translation: Out to get drunk)
"e' drank all the lager?" (Translation: We drank all the beer?)
"Piss off, g't me a Bloody Rum" (Translation: F*ck off, get me a rum and coke)
"Chat 'er up" (Translation: Try and pick her up)
"No honking" (Translation: No puking)
"E's knackered and having a slash" (Translation: He's drunk and taking a piss)

It was an interesting flight. Hatton, the British fighter lost to Mayweather on Saturday.

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