Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It Takes a Village

I closed on my new house yesterday. I charming 2 bedroom, 2 bath, brick 50's ranch with a full finished basement and a large yard. My new home is in my hometown (12 miles outside the City of Chicago) where I have lived for the past 10 years after moving out of the City when my son started grade school. Buying a home in my hometown wasn't in my plan. I am single after leaving an 8 year relationship, my son is starting college in the fall and I was renting a home until I decided if I wanted to put new roots down back in Chicago or travel and perhaps relocate.
Fate seems to have had a hand in my decision.
I found by chance a fantastic Realtor when I inquired about a house I saw online last summer. I was house hunting mainly out of curiosity because it's a great time to buy if you don't have a home to sell and I was looking everywhere from downtown Chicago to the surrounding suburbs. So after 8 months of house hunting, I bought my new home at an excellent price. My Realtor hooked me up with my mortgage lender who was able to get me a great mortgage in the US's worst real estate market even with the tough federal guidelines. I have a close friend who's an attorney who secured a closing within 4 weeks of purchasing my home. Things just fell together. So I'm a home owner. Again. The 4th home I've bought in 10 years. But this one is HOME.
During the stress of the last month, buying the home, inspection, mortgage approval, closing...I realized how lucky I am to have such strong support in my community. Great people who really went the extra mile to get me and my little family in our new home. I love where I live. I'm a short drive or train ride to one of the World's greatest cities, my hometown has fantastic amenities including a great library, restaurants, park districts, golf courses, doctors, shopping, etc. and only a 15 minute drive to O'Hare airport for trips anywhere I want to go. The greatest blessing, I am surrounded by friends who really have become like family.
So if you are in the Chicago area and you need referrals for wonderful professionals, everyone from a Realtor to a mechanic to a doctor, let me know. Sometimes it takes knowing where to turn to find where you are going.

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