Monday, April 4, 2011

Books by Katie Fforde

A few years ago I began reading books by the British romance writer Katie Fforde and got hooked. Her stories usually follow the same loose formula: spunky English young professional female leaves her job in London and or her latest relationship and moves to a small charming English village where she buys or inherits a cottage or business, meets quirky locals and eventually finds her perfect partner.
I am currently reading Katie's latest book (US release), Love Letters and really enjoying it. I enjoy the quirky female characters, I admire how they change their lives either by choice or circumstance and things turn out the better for it. Katie creates dreamy and cozy English villages where everyone knows you by name, cottages are surrounded by lovely gardens, the pub owner pulls a perfect pint and new neighbors and colleagues become life long friends.
If you are interested in a little Anglophilia like me, here are a few of my favorite books by Katie Fforde.
  • Practically Perfect Anna buys a cottage and fixes it up, new best friend neighbor and a cute guy. Oh and there is a dog. Fun read.
  • Stately Pursuits Hetty "house sits" her elderly uncle's huge manor house, quirky town folk and yes a sexy guy.
  • Bidding for Love Flora leaves her London life to work in the antique business, weird family members and yes, a charming cottage. I liked this book, she finds love REALLY close to home. LOL.
  • Second Thyme Around Perdita and her organic gardening business, a gorgeous ex husband and the fun begins.
  • Wild Designs Althea has a house in the Cotswolds and a passion for gardening. I have wanted to attend the Chelsea Flower Show in London ever since I read this book.

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I am hopelessly romantic too! While reading your description with your suggested books, i felt excitement and the urgency to read it. I must try to look for it. Will keep you posted!