Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday List-#5

I work the reference desk at a public library for a few hours each week and 1 weekend a month.
Over the years I've gotten some very interesting questions and requests but at such a small library, most of the reference questions are routine. So for this week's Monday List, here are the top 5 most asked questions when I'm at the reference desk.
  1. Can you help me make a copy?
  2. Where are the restrooms and/or Where is the program?
  3. I'd like to sign up for a program.
  4. I'd like to put a book on hold.
  5. Do you have the movie ______?
In the days of Wikipedia, Google, online databases and hot picks (readily available popular books and movies) how much reference is actually done in your library? Do librarians find themselves troubleshooting technology and answering directional questions more than anything else?

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