Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What do the words mean anymore?

So during my mass personal library weeding last week I came across a number of books with personal inscriptions inside. Hmmmm...what to do with them. I refuse to donate books that have been personalized and have usually held on to them but I'm really trying to weed the books I haven't read in ages.
So I made a little pile of my personalized books and reread the inscriptions and had a nice trip down memory lane. There were sonnet books with love inscriptions from long lost lovers, parenting books with inscriptions of hope that I didn't screw up my kid and fiction books with Merry Christmas or Happy Birthday scrawled inside. Some of the inscriptions were heartfelt such as a book of poems my sister gave me, I kept that one. Lost loves had written endearing script of their undying love and devotion to me but alas I didn't marry any of those men. Ironic no? I wonder, does the opportunity to reread the book mean more to me or the knowledge that I can reread the inscription and remember that once upon a time, someone loved me enough to personally pick out a book for me and hope that I would remember them forever?

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