Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Stepford Wife Phase-RIP

I've had my Stepford Wife phase as so many women do. My phases didn't last very long, I start to go a little ape sh*t crazy when I have to walk the halls of my sons school or plan parties for kids.
During the years I lived in Chicago my son went to a private Montessori school and I was very involved in the school and his activities. When I moved and he started at a public grade school I did my turn as a member of the PTA and as a room Mom. (Stop laughing, I really did!) I see it as a right of passage like getting your drivers license or voting for the first time. Those years of school involvement are happily behind me and I don't miss it at all.
Ironically I currently live around the corner from a large public grade school. If I leave my house anytime between 8:45-9 am or around 3:30 pm, my neighborhood is chaos. Here is what I see:

Minivan, SUV, minivan, minivan, minivan, SUV, Jeep, Van, minivan, minivan, minivan, SUV, SUV, SUV, minivan, minivan, Van, minivan, minivan, SUV, SUV, minivan, minivan.
Ya, suburban mom's keep the gas pumps busy for sure.

There are only 2 times in my life I really hated suburbia.

#1, I was a AYSO referee for little kids in Skokie Illinois. Went through the training, got my shiny whistle and was ready to ref pee wee soccer. I made it through 1 game and was absolutely traumatized for life. Nasty parents screaming at me, screaming at their kids. Totally horrifying. Now my son has been in park district sports for 12 years and LOVES it, and most of the parent involvement is amazing. But geez, North Shore Chicago parents and soccer still gives me nightmares.

#2, PTA politics. It exists and it's scary. I don't know if it's the former corporate moms who are now "stay-at-home" moms or if they are just looking for drama to discuss at spinning classes, but please...there is no stay-at-home for these women, they are involved in EVERYTHING, PTA, church, walking groups etc. And when they are planning a room party,a holiday event or the next year's PTA representative, seriously...stay the hell out of their way. Dealing with some of those women was often more political and catty than joining my college sorority.
Really...I still shudder at the thought of rolling tape to hang pictures on brick hallway walls or counting paper cups for red juice.

My new niece is only a few months old and I see her and my sister together and I see the happy years ahead, picking out a good child care provider, finding a good preschool, the first day of school and I watch it from the sidelines like viewing a film. Happy to experience it through someones else's eyes.

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