Monday, February 23, 2009

Weeding and letting go...

We are remodeling the fireplace in my library/family room by removing the 70's yellow brick surround and replacing it with dry wall and a more modern mantle and stone facade. I decided this was the perfect time to weed my home library and let go of some of my books. I hate clutter and I'm not the book lover who never gives away a book. Books to me hold memories of a certain time in my life or an important event or are simply a story I like to read again and again. When I get the weeding bug I toss without mercy and in the last few days I finally let go of some books I've held on to for too long.

Those that went included:
All books on babies, raising babies, baby names, baby behavior, raising boys books etc.
All self help books, seriously do those EVER help anyone. It was my Bridget Jones moment.
All biographies except those on Princess Diana (my little royal family obsession)
My weird finding-my-religion phase books, Wiccan, Buddhism, Taoism etc...
Relationship books, please I already know it's all my fault, I don't need some quack telling me that
The I-never-read-odd-author books like David Sedaris

The books I didn't toss and never will, my growing collection of rare books. Hopefully if I continue weeding someday I will have a library that looks like it belongs in an English country manor although I actually will read my precious books.

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